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Varied coctelery at very modest prices

In our hostel you can enjoy a variety of Cuban cocktails such as Canchanchara, Cuba libre, mojito, pina colada.


It is said that the Mojito was born in Havana, Cuba in the Cuba 30.Es a very popular drink that all tourists want to try, as it not only tastes good but it also is prepared with mint, Cuban plant is medicinal. You can also use a few drops of Angostura, a spice used for cocktails.

Mint, Havana Club Rum, aerated water, sugar, lemon

Cuba Libre

It is a drink very easy to prepare, prepare very often in our private home. The name comes from Cuba Libre day when Cubans won its independence from Spain, thanks to the help of the Americans in 1898. With this drink wanted to celebrate the freedom achieved. It is said that they took this recipe from American soldiers. The word "Cubata", very popular in Spanish slang, derives from the words Cuba Libre.

Ron Havana Club, Cola, Lemon


It's the drink that took the mambises on Mt. It is a proper drink Trinidad de Cuba, tourists really like and although many do not know, when taken are amazed with exquisito.La taste with lemon honey relieves cold, but if you add liquor Canchánchara get the cane, used to awaken the spirit.

Aguardiente, Honey, Lemon, aerated water