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Dancing and Spanish classes in our Hostel

Our private house is the ideal hostel where you can learn to dance Cuban salsa, have well-trained teachers with whom you learn to dance Cuban salsa very quickly and so practice what you learned in the music house where every night usually dance the salsa, also if you like Spanish in our house have particular teachers with whom you can learn Spanish that will be very useful for communicating with the Cubans and also when traveling to Spanish speaking countries. Put some rhythm in your step and fully immerse yourself in Hispanic culture by attending our popular Spanish courses and courses are baileestos for Spanish students of all levels, no matter if you have studied Spanish before or if you have some prior knowledge of Salsa, Our Spanish classes and dance offer a great opportunity to improve your Spanish. Spanish classes are taught by Spanish teachers from Trinidad, Cuba qualified and dance classes for qualified dance teachers. Cuba is undoubtedly the cradle of Salsa. The Spanish classes take place in Trinidad in the teacher's home or in the private house of the host family, giving you the chance to be in contact with the Cubans. La Salsa de Cuba has a unique rhythm. The sauce is not always fast, it can be slow and romantic, or move between these two types of rhythm.

Places in Trinidad where you can dance Cuban salsa

Place located in the historical center of Trinidad, Cuba visited by tourists, who at night listening to bands bariums songs from different genres but mostly traditional Cuban music, here you can enjoy performances of Afro-Cuban dance and choreography by artists Trinitarians. It is an ideal placeto learn to dance Cuban salsa and where all cocktails are offered as Cuban Mojito, Cuba Libre, Pina Colada, cultivate new friendships here too especially with the Cubans who visit this place and which will extend their friendship, and many times will help you to know Cuban culture and have real experiences of Trinidad, Cuba.