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Biking rent in our Hostel

In our particular house or Hostel we offer you the service of bicycles with these you can take a tour of Trinidad de Cuba and other places of interest that the Ancon beach is 12 miles and where you can ride a bike and so know the Trinitarian landscape and stop to contemplate nature, you can also go to the Sugar Mill Valley is located 12 miles from our private home where a beautiful view where you will see the sugar plantations and one of the most beautiful landscapes of Trinidad de Cuba.

Interesting Places you can visit on your trip

Valley of the Mills

With its colorful vegetation surrounded by an almost magical the remains of one, passed as part of Cuban history, was the true source of their cultural heritage. The valleys occupy a total area of 270 km2 and in them there are about 70 sugar mills. This is Santa Rosa valleys, Meyer and St. Louis were the center of sugar production to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. This worked enslaved about 30,000 people, blacks from Africa or rather, brought into force by the slave ships.

Ancon Beach

Just a few miles from our private house or hostel in Trinidad, are located some of the best beaches in the south of Cuba. Characterized by fine white sands and clear and transparent waters where you can relax and have a wonderful day and meet new friends especially Cubans, which will help you learn our customs and traditions and learn about our Trinidad.